Do I need to be connected to the internet to use this application ?
No. Once the puzzles are downloaded, you no longer need to be connected in order to play. However, for some searches or display of definition details, connection can be required. The suggested dictionaries for the application (free or sold by App Store) allow you to carry out searches without being connected.
Once I've solved all the puzzles, is it necessary to buy another application or a new version ?
No. The puzzles are offered online (free on some sites) and you can download them whenever you want to. You can also purchase puzzles but without having to change application.
Do I need to buy 2 applications for use on my iPhone and my iPad ?
No. The application is universal and functions on all your iOS if these are connected to the same user account.
Is the application in HD ?
Yes. The display is optimized for Retina screens, small screens, bigger screens (such as iPhone 5) and very large screens (iPad Retina).
Does the application allow me to create puzzles ?
No. It allows you to solve existing puzzles.

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