This highly effective application is designed for easy use and offers you a whole new crossword solving experience.

Thanks to the dictionaries and help section included, beginners can enjoy all levels of crosswords, while experts can finish off those puzzles they find just a little bit too challenging.

iCroisés will soon become the indispensable companion for your word games.

The dictionaries can also be used to solve printed crosswords and other word games.

  • Crosswords and arrow crosswords
  • Downloading crosswords from the internet (various formats used by numerous specialist sites or newspapers)
  • Option of downloading crosswords packs (100 puzzles or more with only one click) or individual crosswords
  • No need to be connected to the internet to solve the crosswords once they're downloaded
  • Portrait or landscape mode available (left- or right-hand version)
  • Compatible with large-scale crosswords (e.g. 200 x 150 squares)
  • Very broad zoom (allows you to see all the crossword or a single square and clue)
  • Option of copying printed puzzles to solve using the application (copies the format and layout of the black squares)
  • Choice of crossword display criteria (by date, level of difficulty, author, etc.)
  • Option of starting more than one puzzle at a time
  • Automatic saving
  • Timing of puzzle completion
  • Numerous user-friendly options for entering answers and displaying the crosswords and clues
  • Various display options for the crosswords and clues (crossword/clue/mixed)
  • Option for displaying puzzle squares under each clue
  • Choice of pencil (gray, dark gray, black) to distinguish letters you aren't sure about from the others
  • Option to use the standard keyboard or the smaller keyboard which leaves more space to display the crossword and clues
  • Direct voice input: option to dictate the puzzle words or use the first letter of each word for acronyms
  • Allows the display of crosswords and arrow crosswords containing images
  • Option to check answers (automatic or on demand) at the single letter, word or entire crossword level
  • Various crossword dictionaries and word lists available (some sold separately)
  • Allows automatic searching of all words corresponding to the letters in the puzzle
  • Searches possible on specialist internet sites
  • Very easy to search in various dictionaries and websites and no need to re-enter the search term
  • Optimized for HD display (Retina screen) on small screens (iPhone/iPod) and bigger screens (iPhone 5, iPad)
  • Option of opening a crossword from the internet navigator with a link such as icroises://www.website.com/link-to-puzzle.puz
  • Direct opening of a puzzle from a barcode (QR code)


  • Compatible formats: .puz .ccj .bin .jpz .xml .js (Crossword compiler) and various others
  • Access included to crosswords in other languages: French
  • Access to free crosswords on numerous other sites:
    In English:
    New York Times Classic
    Los Angeles Times
    Washington Post
    Globe and Mail
    USA Today
    The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Geneva Lunch
    In French:
    La Presse
    (This is not an exhaustive list; access depends on the online availability for the application)
  • Option of downloading crosswords as a subscriber (New York Times)
  • Simplified inclusion of the 9'000 or so free crosswords from mots-croises.ch (chosen by author, daily puzzle, etc.)
  • Automatic updating of usable sites and puzzle lists from our server
  • Included in Game Center (various leaderboards and achievements)
  • Rankings and checking solutions at http://www.icroises.com/ (here)
  • Options for numbering crosswords (particularly in and out of crosswords)
  • User guide included in the application

iCroisés crosswords