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List of puzzles
When opening the application. With a blue icon to access puzzle information. Bottom: sort, add puzzles, dictionaries and settings.
Crosswords with clues
The squares are also displayed under the clues (this is an option). You can zoom in on the puzzle, only display one clue below or display the list on the full screen.
Arrow crossword puzzles
With clues in the squares and below. However, it is also possible to display lists as for a "normal" crossword puzzle.
Crossword puzzles in landscape mode
In landscape mode, the clues are displayed to the left or right by turning the device.
Help with a clue
You can also correct all or part of a puzzle and search using known letters or the clue.
Searching for words using a few letters
There are a number of dictionaries available (some of them free), accessible locally or via the internet. You can change dictionaries for a search.
Add puzzles
You can select the sites and puzzles to be downloaded either singly or in packs (on mots-croises.ch). You can also enter the url address of the puzzle. You also have the option of rapid input of crosswords from magazines (dimensions, position of black squares).
Choice of date for a new puzzle
Some sites regularly offer puzzles and you can select the date on a calendar.
Application settings
The application's user guide, but you also have the option of playing as you want, choosing the various settings and options available.
User guide
Detailed explanations of how the application works. You can quickly find the page that deals with your query without having to read through the whole guide (even though this is recommended in order to get the most out of the application).
Completed puzzles
When the puzzle is completed. Automatic saving of scores in Game Center and on iCroises.com. Option of informing your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

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